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Carb loading is a big waste of time

Of course I’ve been convinced of this for a while now. There are several articles posted here on this blog pointing to research that shows that a high carb diet is completely unnecessary for sports performance.

Check out:

Why high carb diets don’t make any sense even for athletes

Do athletes really need a high carb diet?

The advantages of increased fat utilisation on performance for elite athletes

Art De Vany has been blogging about this very issue today over on his blog. Art’s blog is one of the most popular on the net so I’m sure you have all seen it, but just in case there is anyone who hasn’t I can’t recommend it highly enough. You can find it here.

Art says in a review of a paper called Muscle glycogen repletion after high-intensity intermittent exercise. by J. Appl. Physiol.: Respirat. Environ. Exercise Physiol. 4

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