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Shoulder rehab exercises

This is pretty much what my current shoulder rehab programme looks like.

Takes me about 45 mins. At the moment very light weights, 10 – 20 reps x 3 sets per exercise. I am hopping to build up to 3 x 8 reps with a progressively more weight over the next six weeks. At which time I’ll reduce the workouts from three times a week to twice a week to allow more recovery time to compensate for the extra load.


Shoulder update

Both shoulders are as stiff as a board this morning – a result of Saturday’s 2 hour bike ride.


Owen Hargreaves still suffering from Patellar Tendonitis 16 months after operation

Owen Hargreaves, Manchester United and England midfielder

Owen Hargreaves, Manchester United and England midfielder

I know how serious this can be. I had the same operation back in 2007 and it took me nearly two years to come back fully.

Owen Hargreaves is having injections to ease the pain that two knee operations have failed to cure and has conceded he is unsure if he could continue to play in the longer term if the problem does not subside.

The Manchester United midfield player is expected to make his second appearance for the reserve team, away to Burnley, this evening after emerging unscathed from his comeback last week in the wake of 18 months out with chronic tendonitis.

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The cortisone doesn’t seem to have worked

It’s now ten days since I had the cortisone injection and if anything the impingement in the shoulder is worse. I have made an appointment to see the surgeon again on Friday. Three months post op and I still can’t move my arm out to the side past about 40 degrees. This can’t be right.

David Beckham ruptures achilles tendon

David Beckham

David Beckham ruptures achilles tendon

Terrible news for David Beckham who has ruptured his Achilles tendon. As we get older probably the most important (and hardest) thing is to stay injury free. Once athletes get into their mid thirties the recovery time is longer and tougher.

Sports physician Dr Tom Crisp told BBC Radio 5 live:
“It takes many weeks for the tendon itself to heal – six to eight weeks, minimum. “It is remotely possible he may be running in three months. The chances of him being fit to play for England are just non-existent. “He may be able to start training again around the time of the World Cup and he could be fit for next season but there is no chance at all he will play in South Africa.”

No pain in my left shoulder at all

Following on from the cortisone injection last Friday, I’ve taken 1200 mg ibuprofen daily and have iced the shoulder 2 or 3 times a day, and as of about lunchtime today no pain at all.

Shoulder surgery

Here are the details of my shoulder problems.

I had a SLAP Tear in both my left and right shoulders that required a Labral Repair and both shoulders also had Impingement syndrome requiring Sub Acromial Decompression and an Arthroscopic ACJ Excision

The right shoulder was operated on in October 09 and the left one in December.