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Nutrition update

I’ve not updated this for a while, so here’s the report from the 8th of June.


Nutrition – the last 7 days

As you can see, this is showing that I have under eaten by approx. 1,409 calories over the past 7 days. This has to be viewed with a fair amount of scepticism. Now that my shoulders are improving week on week, I have been pushing up the poundage on my weight training with a view to adding some muscle. To this end I had initially increased the calories to give me a surplus of around 3,000 – 5,000 per week. Thinking this would allow me to add 1 – 2 pounds of muscle each week. The trouble was although I was adding muscle, I was worried I was also adding too much fat, so I scaled this back.

I’ve been working towards adding some muscle bulk now for around 6 weeks and so far have added approx 9 lb of muscles and 1 lb of fat. Which I am very happy with. The trouble is that I know that this is technically not possible to do this while under eating so what’s going on? Continue reading

Nutrition – the past 7 days

I’m trying to slightly over eat right now. The rehab on the shoulder is now to the stage were I am starting to lift some real weight and I want to ad some muscle bulk to the shoulder girdle to provide some extra stability.

Nutrition – the past three weeks

I’ve been a bit hit and miss posting these – but this brings it up to date.

Nutrition – the last 7 days

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Nutrition – past 7 days

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Nutrition – past 14 days

2nd week covers the family ski holiday.