Six things I’ve learnt rehabilitating my injured shoulders

1. It will take three times as long as any of the doctors tell you.

2. No matter what the issue you start with you will pick up other problems along the way.

3. You might might have to accept less range of motion.

4. Soft tissue work is very important.

5. Stretching is very important, but take it slowly. Little and often. On a pain scale of 1-10. Never let a stretch hurt more than a 4. If you do your tendons will become inflamed again and just put you back.

6. Find out where yo are weak and build up slowly. Start with light weights (or no weights) reps of 15-20 then gradually build up to higher weight/lower reps. There will be some pain, but again on a scale of 1-10 no more than a 4.

7. Don’t give up.


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I'm a fitness junkie,interested in injury rehab and get back into competition. View all posts by thegymmonkey

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