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Nutrition – the last 7 days

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Scapular Dyskinesis

A realy useful paper by Scott Sevinsky MSPT.

Guidelines for Integrated Rehabilitation of Scapular Dyskinesis 1 Exercises Weeks (estimate)
Scapular Motion
Thoracic posture 1 – 3
Trunk flexion/extension/rotation 1 – 3
Lower abdominal / hip extensors 1 – 5
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Shoulder update

Both shoulders are as stiff as a board this morning – a result of Saturday’s 2 hour bike ride.


Nutrition – past 7 days

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Christine Ohuruogu and Jessica Ennis to race over 150m

Looking forward to this on the 16th May.

Olympic 400m champion Christine Ohuruogu will take on world heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis over 150m at the Manchester Great City Games in May. Read more

Simon Singh wins libel battle against chiropractors

Science writer Simon Singh has today effectively won in the key libel battle that began when he was sued for criticisms of chiropractors in a British newspaper two years ago. Today, the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) dropped its case against Singh, effectively conceding defeat.

The outcome will have implications for freedom of speech in the UK, which has some pretty bonkers libel laws and will free journalists (and I suppose bloggers) and scientists to criticise medical claims as “bogus” or unscientific without the risk of having to prove in court that their criticisms are factually correct. Continue reading

Of course cholesterol has nothing to do with cardiovascular disease – why should it?

Why do I care? Well I follow a low carb diet – why because it really works for me. I find it easier to lose and maintain weight (important for my sport) and also I am trying to prove (by experimenting on myself) that you don’t need large amounts of carbs and sugar for optimum athletic performance. But still people say, well all this is fine, but if you keep eating all that fat you’re gonna die of a heart attack!

So I though I would spend a bit of time this afternoon to explain why I think cholesterol intake has nothing to do with heart attacks.

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