What’s the matter with the British Heart Foundation?

This is a quote from the British Heart Foundation website.

This food group, sometimes referred to as ‘starchy carbohydrates’, includes:

• bread
• breakfast cereals
• pasta
• rice
• oats
• noodles
• maize, millet and cornmeal
• potatoes (including low fat oven chips), yams, plantains and sweet potato – these foods fall into this group, rather than fruit and vegetables, because they contain starchy carbohydrates.

How much should you eat? Most of us should EAT MORE!

Do you agree? Do you actually think most people aren’t eating enough carbs?

How about these quotes  from the British Diabetic Assoc. website

Why is carbohydrate important?
All carbohydrate is converted into glucose and will have an impact on blood glucose levels. Since this is the case, some people with diabetes wonder if it would be better not to have any carbohydrate in their diet to keep their glucose levels under control . This is not recommended, as:
• glucose from carbohydrate is essential to the body, especially the brain.
(Factually wrong .The brain is just as happy feeding on ketones produced by humans from fat and the rest of the body can use fat directly for fuel. There may be lots of things you can say in favour of carbs – (like they are cheap and tasty), but you can not say they are ESSENTIAL. Not unless you re planning to run a marathon or take up professional cycling).
• high fibre carbohydrates, such as whole grains and fruit, also play an important role in the health of the gut.
True, but they are talking to diabetics so what about fibre from low carb sources like celery, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, avocados etc, etc, etc.
• some carbohydrates may help you to feel fuller for longer after eating.”
No they won’t they will do the opposite. Especially as they are diabetics because once they inject the inulin (which they will have to or they will go into a coma) their blood sugar level will crash and they will get a massive attack of the munchies or not fall enough in which case they will fall asleep. Unless of course they can exactly work out how many carbs they have eaten, how the rest of the meal will slow down the digestion of the carbs and then time the injection perfectly – which they won’t be able to because it is impossible.
How much do I need?
The actual amount of carbohydrate that the body needs varies depending on your age, weight and activity levels, but it should make up about half of what you eat and drink.
HALF!!! and remember this isn’t advice for you and me, this is dietary advice from the government for diabetics!!!!! People who can not process carbs at all! And this says DRINK MORE CARBS!!!– are they seriously suggesting diabetics drink more undiluted fruit juice and cans of coke?
I simply can not understand why the British Diabetic Assoc still continues to recommend a high carb diet!!! If you do please explain it to me.
Here’s a recent report from 24 doctors and scientist who also think this is bonkers.

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