The British Nutrition Foundation – should you trust them?

Yesterday I posted a link to a recent article in the Independent by Phil Chamberlain and Jeremy Laurance which took a look at the British Nutrition Foundation, an organisation established more than 40 years ago that advises the Government, schools, industry, health professionals and the public on nutrition. The article highlights how with companies like British Sugar plc, Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Heinz and Kellogg providing the funds (see here for the full list) just how impartial is their advice.

Does it matter? I think so, after all most readers will think they are independent, but won’t realise where the money is coming from. The extent of their influence is scary! Here is a list of articles from just one newspaper’s website –  the Daily Mail’s – that either references the British Nutrition Foundation as a source, or quotes one of their “experts”. Decide for yourself.


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2 responses to “The British Nutrition Foundation – should you trust them?

  • Nutrition

    Since the Credit Crunch began I have been hearing the same story every day, “I just can’t afford to buy fruit and vegetables because they are expensive to buy and they go off before I get a chance to eat them all.” We all know of the health benefits of fruit and vege but many of us still don’t get our 2 & 5 everyday.

    There is however good news! You can save a few dollars and still eat fruit and vegetables…

    Vegetables can be used as sides, main dishes and in dishes to help them stretch that little bit further. Grate some carrot and zucchini into pasta dishes or grate some cauliflower as some Not Rice.

  • Chair Pads ·

    low carb foods should be always on our diet because it will always keep our bodies healthy *

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