Physio update

Shoulder injection subacromial space

This isn't my shoulder, but its pretty much where the needle went in.

Up until this week the progress on both shoulders has been good. However, this week I’ve had a set-back. My left shoulder (10 weeks post op) has stiffened up considerably. I had almost reached the stage where I could do ordinary everyday things like get dressed, drive to work etc without any pain at all, but this week the pain in my left shoulder is back with a vengeance. The range of motion when assisted is almost 100%, but if I have to raise my left arm out to the side myself I can only to about 70 degrees.

I saw my physiotherapist this morning for a scheduled appointment and his opinion is that we’ve done too much too soon. The tendons and the possibly the capsule are inflamed and we need to back off and do nothing for probably a couple of weeks at least and let things settle down.

I’ve got an appointment this afternoon with my consultant, so lets see if he agrees.

UPDATE (6th March)

I saw the shoulder consultant yesterday afternoon and he agreed with the Physio – too much too soon. “Classic impingement syndrome” he said.

Apparently this is quite common at this stage on the recovery. He gave the shoulder a Cortisone injection in the Subacromial Space which he says will reduce the swelling in the tendons. I’m not to do any stretching or exercises for at least two weeks. Back to just passive mobility work by the physio.

Here’s a nice trick. The consultant mixed some local anaesthetic in with the cortisone. This then killed the pain in the tendons. It was magic all the pain disappeared immediately and I got full range of motion back. The anaesthetic gave an immediate result similar to the effect the cortisone will have over the next few days and so he was able to see straight away that he had hit the right spot with the injection.


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