workout 4th March 2010

No upper body work at all today. Just need to give the old shoulders a complete rest as they have been really stiff and sore all week. In fact range of movements and pain is definatley worse than a month ago. Just down to too much too soon I think. So this afternoon in the gym just base cardio and some light leg work.

3k run on treadmill
Leg press: (single legs) 5 x 15, then 2 x 8
Leg extensions (single legs): 3 x 15
Leg curls (single legs): 3 x 15

Nice and simple. All done in under 35 mins.

Shoulders felt much better afterwards. Just down to the the gentle motion of the running and getting the blood pumping a bit I think.


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I'm a fitness junkie,interested in injury rehab and get back into competition. View all posts by thegymmonkey

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