I’ve been thinking a lot about tendons recently, (mainly because mine are such a mess) and have been looking at ways to rehab them. I had a lot of surgery on my shoulders about three months ago and I want to get back to competitive sport as soon as possible.

Like muscles tendons need to be stressed so that they can adapt and the develop. Lots of studies have shown that for optimal recovery tendons have to be loaded and stretched in a progressive and controlled way. So far so good, but the million dollar question is how much is too much.

I’m going to be using myself as a guinea pig over the next few months trying to get that balance just right. Too much exercise too early and the rehab gets interrupted while I wait for the inflammation to go down, to little and the progress is very slow.


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I'm a fitness junkie,interested in injury rehab and get back into competition. View all posts by thegymmonkey

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